No explanation from any of the terrestrial broadcasters about why the “pot” of reruns is so small.  And one man’s old favourite is another’s endless repeat. 

When I made my contribution to the National Sound Archive, my liaison there told me he found by accident at least as much as was formally offered to him.  He would drop into a radio station and find heaps of stuff being thrown out, ask to look through it and take the treasures, often more to do with continuity or the development of a theme than well known names.  I wonder if tv, impacted by the success of going on forever, has reused material or ditched it or finds it impossible or impossibly expensive to remaster. And doesn’t want to own up to being as suckered into the mirage of permanence as the rest of us.

All I know is not Fast and Furious every fortnight.  GMAB.

And not another silly quiz show or gut tearingly unhappy so called mystery complete with double mastectomies, depression, dubious neighbours and violence against women.  Wonderful actors, reduced to this? 


Do I have to describe Paul Newman as a film star, for clarity – easy on the eye and a very good actor.  His adored widow is deep in Alzheimers.  His two daughters (who presumably inherited a few bob and earn a living) discovered files of tapes and manuscript which Newman and a trusted colleague made as prep to a revelatory autobiography, more about why than winning.

In movies, looks help but they are not essential.  Talent too, but in film, that’s a big discussion.  The camera brings its own dimension.  But mostly you are either from money or rock poor so you can either wait out the longueurs or you’ll do anything because you already did.  And it helps to be unhappy – betrayed by one or both parents, disappointed in people to prepare you for the Hollywood cannibals, or shadowed by a dead sibling,

guilty at your shortcomings – just plain miserable.  It helps if you want success but not giving a damn is the beginning of wanting.  GMAB.

A midweek strap line on the BBC news channel advised 350,000 NHS workers being balloted re strike action.  A written piece 36 hours later quoted nurses as leaving the profession upon experiencing a 20 per cent pay cut in real terms.  Is it too much to hope that some of these nurses and/or doctors

will get together and found small fee paying clinics, not the Harley Street version at £150 a pop but £20 every time, where quite a lot of us would rather spend our money on than hairdressing? (Incidentally even expenditure proof Wal was taken aback by the girl in her 20s ahead of him at his longtime hairdressers, who spent £572 on cut, colour and blowdry.) 

And I met a woman on a bus, a handsome woman with a pretty voice who turned out to be Polish, had lived here a long time and was an accountant in the NHS for 8 years.  “Was?” I asked.  “Yes,” she said.  “I left.”  Why?  She said levelly “Five managers and two accountants.”  GMAB.  So while, God knows, we need a laugh, that hit where it hurts.


In the middle of trying to deal with all those big problems his predecessors left him – all too well known, I won’t list them again – could the PM start thinking laterally as to who is going to reform the institutions of Great Britain before they collapse like stale cake in the street?  My parents gave 30 years of their lives to state education because they believed it was the beginning, the foundation stone to what could follow.  Not just university for those who want it but the basics, the use of language, spelling, functional arithmetic, the development of talents.   And I thank heaven they aren’t here to witness the circle of postwar Britain come round again – hungry children who can’t concentrate in class – and that nice woman pregnant with her fifth child because family planning is a middle class concept, now gone out of fashion.  What about saving the planet ? 

Oh,* give me a break.         

3 responses to “GMAB*

  1. As always, I found myself nodding in agreement as I read your wise words. What has happened to programme-making? An endless slew of vulgarity, misery, showing-off. (A.N. Wilson’s programme about T.S. Eliot was like an oasis in the desert). I have just seen the headline “Matt Hancock loses whip after signing up for I’m a Celebrity” – doesn’t that just sum up where we are? GMAB!!

  2. Hi Anna
    Yes we do seem to be going backwards rather than forwards but what annoys me is when these cutbacks are made and the consequences thereof we’re told it’s for our own good and how painful it is for them having to do it.GMAB! Reminds me of when i got the cane at school and was told “this hurts me more than hurts you” as i was thrashed.
    Oh really? I don’t think so. This has been going on for years and we’re still no better off.
    PS. Was very sorry to read you were the victim of a scam in last week’s Annalog. Must have been distressing,my sympathies.

  3. It is incredible to me how as a country we are literally regressing in front of everyone’s eyes and no-one seems to be able to do anything about it. A full organisational NHS review is a must…line by line, job by job. Yet it is never proposed as a way forward? Baffling.

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